• Carolyn Turek

    Jun 2023 Rob provided caring, thoughtful, and professional mediation services. He went above and beyond to accommodate our schedules and support us. It was a pleasure working with Rob and receiving the benefit of his multiple areas of expertise. Thank you!
  • Tom Marble

    Jun 2023 Rob showed himself to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced. His professional and seasoned counsel and guidance served to make what could have been a difficult and heated journey, one that proved to be cool-headed and reasonable.
  • Kimberly Brown

    Nov 2022 Rob was my mediator for my extremely difficult and lengthy divorce. He was patient, reassuring, and was able to get it across the finish line. I would absolutely recommend Robert!
  • Danielle Wethered

    2022 Rob was unbelievably patient and understanding with both my ex-husband and I through our divorce. He made sure he heard both of our concerns, and helped us work through our contentions so that we both felt comfortable with our final agreement, and able to move on with our individual lives, while also providing us with the necessary guidance we will need going forward with co-parenting. I would highly recommend him, or at least consulting with him, for your divorce process.
  • Jesus Rivera

    2022 Rob was the mediator for my divorce. Rob does a great job of listening, he’s very thorough, and gives you the information you need to hear not the information you want to hear. Because he listens he does everything in his power to tailor your decree to what you are both looking for as an end result. At the end of the day it’s a give and take and Rob understands that and strives create as much balance as is possible given the circumstances. Rob has been extremely helpful throughout the process as well as after the fact. He’s been a great resource during and even after the divorce was finalized. If you need someone who really understands the process from every angle, go see Rob.
  • Michele Mieczkowski

    2022 I can’t thank you enough Robert for all of your patience as well as humor during this very challenging time. He has made this difficult time easier with his knowledge and caring attitude. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to go down the path of mediation.
  • Gregory Flynn

    2022 Rob is a highly talented mediator. He is able to understand both parties perspectives, overcome stumbling blocks, propose sensible solutions to problems and manage emotions. I can’t recommend him highly enough and we were lucky to work with him.
  • Jek Pek

    2021 Rob, thank you for your patience with our divorce and for making it a valuable mediation experience. Your experience and temperament (which I value) helped to rudder this ship which was crashing. We could have easily been litigating and wasting resource that would have only made the dissolution of our marriage more bitter as well as leaving less to raise the children.

    Thank you also for the calming advice you offered me to help me to walk away with dignity. I recognize marriages aren’t perfect and each side can point fingers, but you again, were a great rudder and kept balance between us. Thank you again!
  • Jacki Gregory

    2021 I cannot say enough about Robert Stewart. He was responsive, caring, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. He went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. When dealing with situations such as custody disputes, the feeling of anxiousness I had, was put to rest after speaking to Mr. Stewart. A highly stressful time that is calmed immediately after consulting with him. Thank you again for all of your time, and professionalism !
  • BETH P.

    March 2019 “You have been knowledgeable, helpful and gracious. It has been a pleasure working with you.”
  • BRIAN C.

    March 2019 I was impressed by the patient and business-like way Mr. Stewart helped my (ex)-wife and me navigate a potentially volatile situation with a minimum of unnecessary anxiety. His leadership and expertise in both the legal and financial fields enabled him to lead us to a graceful and pretty seamless conclusion.

    Nov 14 2018 Rob made this difficult process easier by showing compassion and using his experience to resolve some of the difficult issues. His family mediation experience help is realized that the children needed attention in this process as well. Rob’s networking with other professionals, therapists, helped provide guidance, understanding and compassion to the children who were the innocent victims in this process.
  • timothy maloney

    Oct 23 2018 Rob is simply the best mediator. His demeanor along with his expertise in the arena of divorce issues is second to none. His fees are ten times the benefit of litigation!
  • Christopher Morante

    Oct 08 2018 Very impartial, fluent on all proceedings. Always there if you have any concerns. And I had plenty. Thank you Robert.
  • Catherine Clinton

    Jul 09 2018 Well organized and fair to both parties. Judge gave Mr Stewart a kudos for thinking of everything.
  • Angela R.

    Mar 25 2018 Rob Stewart was the mediator for my divorce in 2009, as well as for the modification to my divorce/child custody agreement in 2011. I cannot say enough in praise of Rob! He was phenomenal at mediating the conditions of divorce between my ex-husband and I, and he was laser-focused on the best interest of the two children involved. While my divorce was not contentious at first, it was still very tense –and contention arose for the subsequent modification–yet Rob was patient and direct as well as honest with both of us. He definitely made sure that ALL the bases were covered in terms of the children’s long-term needs, addressing issues that even I had not considered and which have turned out to be a life-saver for me in dealing with custody and financial disagreements that came up later with my ex-husband! Since the 2011 modification was sealed, I have had to return to court on a filing of contempt against my ex-husband for non-payment of support for the children. I represented myself at that hearing, and, utilizing the documents prepared by Rob years earlier, I was able to clearly point out to the Judge the language which backed up my claim–and I won the decision: the Judge ordered that the thousands of dollars owed to me should be paid back in full by my ex-husband. It was thanks to Rob that the specificity of the language in the divorce / custody documents was unequivocal–there were minimal “gray areas” –priority financial issues were stated in detail and with clarity. Rob’s background as a Family Therapist was obviously integral in his writing of my child custody documents. He understood the behavioral and psychological dysfunction in the marriage I was ending, and how that would and could impact the future of my children. He wrote language in the custody document that protected the children in such a way that I did not even realize when I initially read it! Without being too detailed, I want to say that Rob, while showing no apparent bias toward or against the two adults involved in my divorce, was still able to foresee some of the potential problems I would face as custodial parent, and he wrote the document to protect the must vulnerable parties–the kids. I can’t thank him enough for his quiet wisdom, as reflected in the legal documents he assembled. Additionally, I have occasionally emailed Rob over the past 7 years with some general questions about my divorce documents and how they are interpreted–and he has continued to reply to my emails in a timely and helpful manner. He has gone above-and-beyond for me and my children; I highly recommend his services as a Mediator!
  • CC

    Mar 10 2018 Rob is so fair and so knowledgable about all aspects necessary for both parties. Has always taken time out of his day to speak to me about any question. Our judge even gave him kudos for such a professional job and that all items were included for both parties. Very kind and soft spoken but can be tough and say it like it is without offending either party. Can’t say enough about him and his concern for his clients.
  • TS

    Feb 14 2018 Rob was extremely helpful throughout this process. He made this difficult task bearable as he guided us from start to finish. He saved us many thousands of dollars, and was fair to each of us.
  • Sherri

    Dec 22 2017 I would recommend Rob to anyone who is going through a divorce. He made it as stress free as it gets. He is very fair with both parties.
  • Jim Bowe

    Aug 24 2017 Robert was professional, knowledgable and guided us through the process with prompt, appropriate and accurate results. He clearly explains the process from the first meeting through the final court appearance. His years of experience as an accountant, attorney, and mediator offer his clients “one stop shopping” which is in my opinion, critical, during an extremely difficult life event like divorce. Robert was always available to answer questions and offer advice when appropriate. He also helped us reach a divorce decree that held up in court , and was approved, the first time out, by a no-nonsense, demanding judge, who did not grant others before us the same courtesy. Thanks Robert!
  • Paul Solomon

    Aug 23 2017 The experience could not have been a better one because of the compassion shown and expert service provided by Robert Stewart throughout the divorce process.
  • Margaret G.

    Aug 02 2023 Rob was incredibly patient and kind throughout a very challenging process. He knows the law well and works diligently to communicate effectively. Even after our divorce was granted, he helped conclude a real estate transaction. Thank you!